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Warby Parker Class Trip
Warby Parker Class Trip

Warby Parker Class Trip

We started with a real–life school bus and reimagined it as your favorite professor’s library. (Office hours start now!)

Why take a road trip unless you do it in style? We found a road–ready bus and stripped out its interior (goodbye, old seats) to make room for oak shelves, a chalkboard, a distinguished library, and a full selection of Warby Parker frames.


Inspiration came from landmark libraries, marbled book linings, mid–century school rooms and a vintage Rolls Royce.

The Build

From start to finish, it took four months to build out the bus interior. We refurbished the floor, added an optician’s station, and installed a generator to keep the electricity flowing (as well as the heat and air-conditioning).

We also constructed glass vitrines to display new collections and special items—and for high-style driving, the driver’s seat was reupholstered in caramel-colored leather.

The Bus

Feel like cooling your heels? Pick up a book and flop down on one of the bus’s luxe leather couches. We stocked the shelves with classic page–turners and Beat Generation favorites, including a couple of titles from our literary hero, Jack Kerouac.