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Warby Parker Class Trip
Warby Parker Class Trip

Warby Parker Class Trip


About the Class Trip

What is the Class Trip?

Warby Parker is touring the nation to bring our showroom experience to life. It’s our version of that great literary tradition — the cross-country road trip.

Our ride? A real-life school bus reimagined as your favorite professor’s library, complete with leather sofas, wood paneling, vintage books, and more.

We’re calling it the Warby Parker Class Trip, and like all the best class trips (Natural

History Museum, we’re looking at you) our version will combine adventures, surprises, photography, inside jokes, and other useful material in a highly favorable ratio — McIntosh apples and all.

We’ll be bringing all things Warby Parker-related along with us, including a team of eyewear stylists, a full selection of optical and sunwear, and a few of our capsule collections. (Plus a 2013 Ford Escape to transport our team around each city.)

About the Bus

We started with a real–life school bus and reimagined it as your favorite professor’s library.

(Office hours start now!)

Why take a road trip unless you do it in style? We found a road–ready bus and stripped out its interior (goodbye, old seats) to make room for oak shelves, a chalkboard, a distinguished library, and a full selection of Warby Parker frames.


Inspiration came from landmark libraries, marbled book linings, mid–century school rooms and a vintage Rolls Royce.


From start to finish, it took four months to build out the bus interior. We refurbished the floor, added an optician’s station, and installed a generator to keep the electricity flowing (as well as the heat and air-conditioning).

We also constructed glass vitrines to display new collections and special items—and for high-style driving, the driver’s seat was reupholstered in caramel-colored leather.


Feel like cooling your heels? Pick up a book and flop down on one of the bus’s luxe leather couches. We stocked the shelves with classic page–turners and Beat Generation favorites, including a couple of titles from our literary hero, Jack Kerouac.