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Warby Parker Class Trip

We're in Washington DC! October 24 - December 22

Heritage Bicycles

“The concept of Heritage came from interacting with people outside of a retail environment, from meeting interesting and creative people,” owner Michael Salvatore explained to us. After a stint in New York establishing Bowery Lane Bicycles, the fifth generation Chicagoan returned to his hometown to open a two-in-one bike and coffee shop. Above all, it’s a community building space.

Sanborn Canoe

“When we started this project, our goal was to make one canoe and some paddles to make it go,” Todd Randall of Sanborn Canoe told us. It started with a conversation with their grandfather, who had built canoes in the 60’s for boy scouts and for kids to take out into the woods. “With that inspiration, we set to work and quickly discovered we weren’t half bad at making paddles,” he told us. From there, it was just a matter of seeing where that paddle-making could take them.

Mac McMillan: Pierrepont Hicks and Northern Grade

“We started with neckwear and honestly, we didn’t really have a plan other than to make some pieces that we thought were a little different,” Mac McMillan told us of his company, Pierrepont Hicks, “We wanted to be able to put our own spin into the process.”

Although their aesthetic has evolved since their launch in 2009, there are a few terms he’ll always use to describe it: refined, classy, timeless, and versatile.

Town Hall Lanes with Drew Wood

“The coffee shop owner knows the musician, who knows the chef who knows the brewer, and he knows the shoe maker who knows the journalist that also knows the coffee shop owner, you know?” Drew Wood, editor of the Twin Cities edition of Thrillist, said to us of his city. “There’s this sense of unity to the whole scene of people making it happen and existing within it,” he explained. 

Meet our team in Minneapolis

Meet our team on the road in Minneapolis!

There’s one familiar face in this group—Lauren, who was on the road in Portland, is back again as Class Trip Coordinator. She’ll be traveling with the bus and overseeing the team on the road through the remainder of the trip! She’s been joined by Anna, Alexis and Ben for their stints in Minneapolis and Detroit.